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einen Fall mit Druck unterhalb 100 mm. (90: Nr. 962/1921),

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ligence, or of higher capacity — as I term the corresponding con-

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laufs von septischen Komplikationen von anderem Ursprung als

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opc^ration were the two indeiXMideiil pelvic lieinato-

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same side ; that with us the apparent choice was the

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some noisy rattling. Deglutition was somewhat difficult. His nights

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of the ventricles; second, whore in the course of the

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the brain of a penguin (Speniscus domersus). In this as far as

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This has been used with success in Europe for more than two years past. Silver-

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the suitabilit}^ of the Maine climate in the treat-

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Chase, J. C. Coffin, and S. H. Durgin, to ascertain

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After the ban(|iiet, the oration was deliv(u-e(l by Dr.

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which no longer undergoes digestion; the possibility of

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our patients, and those who were likely to become our

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wesen ware, wenn man den eigentiimliclien Yerlauf des Kateters

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be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,

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other excreting organs; {h) stimulation of the kidneys

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At the autopsy encephalocele, together with destruction of the

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namlich die Leber und der Darm. Magenleiden syphilitischer

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drcs.sed, in a dazed condition, she was put out in the

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son,^" a case by Pozzi,^° of adenoma of the rectum

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HOSPITAL FACILITIES: The new negro division of the Grady (municipal) Hospital of 24fl beds is in

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No one feature is alone of value, but in connection

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amount of sleep when the latter was taken during the

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