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incision through the cornea, the removal of a portion of the iris and

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Although diagnosis is possible, you see that in cases it is extremely

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humane vocation in greater safety, free from other peril than disease

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voting-papers : and that the Committee report to an ordinary general

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I was severely troubled with this complaint for many years, sometimes almost

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Jiad been achieved. If there had been a falling off, it was to be attri-

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down. A veterinary surgeon, who was called in, was struck by the

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General condition bad. Slight diffuse cloudiness of both lenses;

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The sinuses vary in extent, some being only three quarters to an

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patient had been confined nine weeks before I was called in, and com-

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attack. Ill about a 9. Has no pain. 7. 70 25 quite well,

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system ; 4. That the headache was not, as I was inclined to regard it at

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result from excessive tension of the inner straight ligament, which

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sanitary grounds. I propose, then, first to consider the last two lines

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