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the degree of sensibility to pain in mankind " varies directly with
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voured to get an instrument constructed for the inhalation of ether,
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arrived at were very different from those of Dr Dempster ; the latter
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intolerance of light, vascularity and lachrymation. A tubercle of
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due to natural causes. The bungarus bitten at the same time by a
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less cliaracter of its growth, and the absence of all glandular com-
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pneumococcus and staphylococcus endocarditis; he found that in-
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heart, according to Frerichs), the meat diet should be reduced as much
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amination, the tubules were found free from exudation. The
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as the disposition of the patient will permit, advise against marriage,
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perfectly recovered ; the crural vein exposed, and forty minims of
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are clarinex and claritin the same drug
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suggestive of such a process have been pubHshed. Before much
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None of these rules apply to one particular kind of hyperacidity,
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pancreatic arteries, perhaps a pancreolithiasis, or perhaps some obscure
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Moritz Traube on the ultimate fabric of cell-membranes, seen in the
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eclectics, et hoc gemis omne — from legal recognition, Ontario being
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rain of the 11th of April were infected at the bathing-ghat on the
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able medical, hygienic, hydropathic, climatic, and, particularly, psychic
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stand, but is unable to do so ; contents of bladder dribbling away.
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wound can be made by caiTying the incision simply straight across
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antigen for Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or stood in a group rela-
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idleness to talk of the shape of the head, its wedge-like construction,
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calories a day; or, expressed more exactly, 14-17 calories for every
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addition of bichloride (p. 266), or the second prescription given on
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In India the cholera outbreaks have come to an epoch of severity
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fering from pneumonia, on admission to the hospital, a small dose, 0.5 to
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The open brick bed was unable to produce a stable effluent under
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Under the use of diuretics and diaphoretics, with nourishment
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other pathological conditions. The dietetic regime often ordered for
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that your petitioners not only pray that an end be put to the present system of
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few who like another to get on as well as himself; and Faraday
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manner hereditary, is incapable of reformation by any length of
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{From the Pathological Laboratory of the University of Chicago.)
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forceps may be used ; but also applicable to a class of cases in
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peritonitis has not unfrequently been confounded with ovarian and
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hours before it is expected to take effect, as the time required for its
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But matters are greatly changed when we are able to obtain the
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has seen marked success follow their use in several cases of palpitation ;
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shortly previously given birth to young, as well as the serum of the young was tested,
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3. They must not excessively irritate the digestive organs, either
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According to Dr Bryden, it is the spring and summer rains which
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of broken compensation, particularly in mitral lesions. A tendency
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certain extent be exhibited to the eye, and that by the use of such
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Another possible explanation might be found in the action of
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guaiacol carbonate. Externally, the following prescription may be used :
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need hardly say that cases of ordinary insanity were inadmissible
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mine this. Young guinea-pigs, of approximately equal ages, just
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those so situated that they cannot obtain it, frequently obtain almost all
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In Itch, styrax has been recently strongly rccommcndcfl, as was
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