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in the act of escaping. He said that while protozoa are

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be ascertained only as consciousness is restored. At the onset

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suit washed twice a week and changed on leaving work a light

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during the course of digestion. It ma pathological event

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intestinal troubles as a consequence of emotional states. It is hard to trace

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are soiled infested with insects or that persons say inde

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views Dr Alison appealed to his own experience adducing also

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carpets as these collect the dust and often become musty

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quantities are increased and the intervals lengthened until

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for one hour at a time and they remained the rest of the

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rest give tasteless meals perpetual languor and ceaseless

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mass of blood but generated under particular circumstances

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the ingestion of large quantities of alcoholic stimulants a sudden

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glass. Tbe excursion of tbe transmitting telephone disc with

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ger or the Illustrated Christian Almanac with their half million

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Symptoms axd Course of the Dlsease. Vaccinia in the human

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posed of fine lampblack united with a small amount of

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direction of Professor His of Leipsic of Professor Cun

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just as Diaporthe or Coprimes impress their marks upon the

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ties The very idea is preposterous Look at Germany Austria and

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cases the peritoneum should be closed over the stump

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built up by the same gross processes which turn starch and

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nal heat centre or to an action on the tissues themselves

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pers. It is no difficult matter to determine between a puff by

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made mention of through your columns fails to have one of the

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tality. If this method when practicable could be performed

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cellent training in a broad based curriculum that in

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fate of the transplanted piece immediately following the op

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saline substances. Arsenic is however such a powerful agent that we

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such isolation of a nerve from surrounding supporting

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vana is interesting in this connection. He states in his report to Dr.

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just prior to that disease and closely resembling it in certain mani

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ease when an accurate diagnosis has been arrived at with which they

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elastic in consistency. The outer surface is for the most part

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there is no destruction of the white blood corpuscles

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