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it after it, and thus bring it out at the punctured point.
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proceed to Charlotte, N. C, for special temporary duty, upon
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6. * B0ES.SEI!. .4 Modification of the Helmhottz Treat-
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strong inclination to drown themselves (the physician at the South Carolina State Hospital,.
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In reference to the treatment of an effusion if it is
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or slightly abo\'e the original point of fracture and the
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and I visited the patient at 8 p.m. I found the ab-
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marvel most; the long-suffering dispositions of the people
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suit case was in the water about forty-t\vo hours before
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in amputating the l)reast and limbs. Arrow-like caustic
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This is probably due to the frequent co-existence of arterio-
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Fiille trotz gleicher Behandlung in verschieden Perioden aus-
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828 operations 116 cases recovered, 20.5 were improved;
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of the brain (Edinger) and forms the uppermost part of the
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day previous. The following morning a distinct bronz-
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escapes you almost entirely. You operate for an appi'U-
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tacked Ijy tuberculosis it shrinks, even before fibroid
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and hypothermia, followed by hyiXTthcrmiu when inocu-
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Elemente gefunden. Linke Pleura stets ohne Befund. Tod an
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of vitality and afford a stimulating mental effect.
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kind of brains, who had an opportunity to enter the
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operation: I prefer to use the head tourniquet for con-
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performance at the theatre. At the time of my first
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sondern untertags nach Bewegungen. An den Tagen unmittelbar
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tors become downregulated. Thus, many of the people who
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bewegliches Mediastinum, ungeeignete Technik), 3) vielleicht bei
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(iractice has been limited, the regularity with which
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perchen, hyaline Cylinder und Cylindroide sowie eine Anzahl korn-
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allem auf die spontane Haltung bezog, sicb aber bei passiven
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tunity to join the state association. He was favor-
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Handbuch, Wien 1912. Bleuler, Lehrbuch der Psychiatrie, Berlin
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anatomical changes of the skin, due to a local specific
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to the hosi)ital on Aug. 14, 1906. One hour before,
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The catanienia have been regular and normal in char-
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decrease of 1 ,044 over the year 1895, not counting

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