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die genuinen Tumoren stellen eine bedeutend geringere Anzabl dar.

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The x-ray showed a fracture slightly forward of the

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change depends on a senile or quasi-senile degeneration.

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structural mysteries of this the perhaps most intricate region

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of the i)atella, on the inner side, were cut out leaving

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endocarditis, the featin-es being such as to suggest con-

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cases in young women should be treated by me<lical

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astonishing to what a degree the individual is a master of speach

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had 8 teeth and was perfectly well in every way. He

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more," anil ordered to the Naval Station, Olongupo, P. I.

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vessels and made up for the most part of a thin layer

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speaker also emphasized the fact that the majority of

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condition steadily grew worse, and at the end of two

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induced by the stimulating effect of water, and there

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ciation of a personality, 722; Ricketts, H. T., infection, immunity

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A.. Mcintosh. M.D.. Res. Physician. C. W. Stevenson, M.D., Res. Physici;

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would ])revail, and unsatisfactory results would follow.

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perfectly clear. Direct excision is dangerous, difficult

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days alter the o{)eration. He was put in a room well filled with

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firmly belie\-ed that had he seen these cases earlier

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encephalitique. Cette question n'est pas seulement d'un inte-

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Schatten, den Rest des Lungenfeldes bis zur Gasblase ausfiillend;

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and some of the dangers associated with the use of the

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Frost, W. H., assistant surgeon. Detailed as member of

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upon the diagnostic signs described above, was made, and although

compazine side effects dystonia

index finger; successive amputations of the phalanges: abate-

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were given, a ten days' intermission between tliem,

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