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grave symptoms result ; nay, they may find their way into the lymphatics

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an operation performed to examine the ovaries instead of sacri-

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from other diseases, the bacilli remain active, and the reaction does not

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Exciting cause. — Obermeier, in 1873, discovered in the blood of

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better for the patients, it is not nearly so convenient for the offi-

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but also one that has been fully substantiated by clinical experi-

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a direct action of the poison on the heart itself. It is to be distinguished,

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inconsistent with a tuberculous process. Similarly, it is hardly

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walls may retain a considerable amount of gases which

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an insane man than with one whose brain has been inflamed by

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the same degree as others and this appears to be the case

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65. Have been comparatively quiet during the interval. At

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extent, the placenta corresponding to it remains adherent, and

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(2) Procedure. To 2 ml of clear urine (filtered if necessary),

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present, and have occurred particularly when she was cold.

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Walter A. Hall, M. D., of Wausau, Wis., a graduate of Boston University,

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buildings thoroughly adapted in all respects to the needs of a

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a gradual extension in depth of the necrotic process, which ultimately

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the order of chapters, and also numerous additions, which the

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