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zu behandeln, welche nach unserer Auffassung auf syphilitischer
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functional unit composed of different activity complexes which
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Heidelberg a new institute for the experimental study of
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l.eukemia with Rapidly Fatal Result. Ophth. Soc. United King-
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activity lying within the sphere even of the normal personality.
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work with his office to help MIT patent them and to find
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any of the varymg factors of social fashion, but to direct
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the causes of disease, and the ways of interrujiting
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unless recognized and successfully treated. About one
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ered the non-traditional and, indeed, sometimes enigmatic nature of our rela-
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Hirnblutung, Hirnthrombose, Hirntumor und Hirntiiberkel mit
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hange mit der geringen Fliissigkeitsmenge und mit dem geringen
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Commitment of the Insane, as published in the Trans-
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haltender hoher Temperatur starb Pat. am 2. Januar 1920. — Die
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losis, from 155.75 to 166.4; from acute bronchitis,
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seem thus to show that not a small number of observations may
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Lendensegment solcbe Erscbeinungen wie Babinski und Dorsal-
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Lavindkr. C. H., passed assistant surgeon. Directed to
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Indessen ist es in diesem Falle bemerkenswert, dass die Fixa-
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the suprapubic region; temperature 102° F. ; cjuick,
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culated granulations, some of which were cut off by my knife, and
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Een geval van syphilis van de maag. Nederl. Tijdschr. voor Geneesk.
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schleimig-eitrig, iibelriechend. 5 Insufflationen in 2^4 Monaten,
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criterion. As a result of these experiments it becomes
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small intestines also, but their activity is inhibited
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44, p. 1213; Nr. 45, p. 1244; Xr. 46. p. 1267; Xr. 47. p. 1287;
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all drugs, so far as being a specific for the cure of
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the Navy Itecruitlng Station, Oiiialia, Neb., and ordered lo
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liriincliial fihincls. In gouonil, in the cases oljserved, the
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subject, the scope of the book is restricted to fundamental principles. The plan throughout is to present on an experi-
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heart failure, stroke, or other cardiovascular causes.
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C.\SE V. " Boy, five years of age, seen April 23, 1904,
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Stenosis of Injants; with Rrporl oj an Ojieratrd Case.

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