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flaccid and sometimes even "flapping." Since the muscular tonus is in all

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not a necessary consequence of neuritis; the patient may have ambly-

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advise the cc^maisjsary officer, and recosmBenc^ ifnmedia^te issue. ^

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forefinger, if the mass works smoothly into a t>all, this Indicates

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contraction appears only when the irritation has lasted for a certain time.

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believers, the most beautiful results can, of course, be attained by hypnosis.

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consisting of slight general discomfort and pain, and of a feeling of weak-

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dislocation of the axis, or backward dislocation of the atlas, usually causes in-

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class : A superior diploma is delivered to those Pharmacists of the

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average tars weight of cans, lids, tubes, and seals, as a complete unit. The size,

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to many suppurative processes. Sudden exacerbations of the symptoms may

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Hyperostosis Cranii. — This is an enlargement of the cranium, beginning

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a local compression or an inflammatory oedema, which in its turn excites the

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Fig. 215. — Handwriting of a patient with paralysis agitans at the Long Island Hospital,

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one side — is a very interesting symptom which is not

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Greek. (2) In Greek, Homer and Thnogrdides ; in Latin, Virgil, Oioero or

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pletely regains its normal usefulness. The course, however, often shows very

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tinctive meningeal symptoms. In two patients, who were hard drinkers, the

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servations indicate that the disease may also occur in families, so that we

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Occasionally we may find an apparent cause for the disease and endeavor

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which cannot be detected (unless you are really alert) without 100 percent weighing and

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phritis. However important this complication, its symptoms do not need to

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" window," " clipter " instead of " dipper," " hef d " instead of " held," " wrel-

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his term of three years shall have been completed, or shall expire at a

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addition to elective work completed in the College. This program includes Chemistry

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inspection. In an ideal situation, vatch the f i^ be^ng caught^ ^nd follow

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pamphlet showing floor plans, details, and form of application will be sent by the Bursar

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green leaf and evaporates {transpiration). Vm miiwrals In tte wator are retained for

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or slowly. Extension of the proximal phalanx of the middle and ring, and

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surfaces of which are often completely covered with white, chalk-like material.

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in the later stages of tabes. It sometimes, indeed, appears very early. The

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ing Bodies are given at the School, but the lectures on Clinical Medi-

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much Irydrochloric acid that we can call it an actual hypersecretion (vide Vol.

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