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part of the throat. The special superiority of.this instrument is, that

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of its advent. In the great majority of cases it cul-

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2003, Dienstag served as the School's faculty associate dean for admissions, and

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consistence. With a view to decompression (cerebella operation) the

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more reliable in detection of .stones. Careful history and

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Wvnn Westcott, M,B. Lond., D.P.H. Twelfth edition. Lon-

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middle third of the face was that of disfigurement from

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the bronchoscope, as recently developed, offered the

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storung auf die untersten Sakral- und Koccygealsegmente beschriinkt.

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coming through the opening, and will only drain when

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great satisfaction to be able, in one hour and a half, to cure a

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Remarks. The following abbreviations are used in this table: c = cervical, d = dor9al, I = lumbar, s = sacral, co = coccygeal, cd =

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sible, but the basic situation, less degree of constitutional

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terials available for the preparation of a Medical and Surgical History

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publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal,

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should read l,'j.2 and the percentage of perforation 2.I5.S,

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2 or 3 irregular scar-like depressions in the thickened

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is seen to contain decidual cells, it would seem to

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know a \-accine from an antitoxin," for that \'ery remark

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liliatic leukemia usually there was a reduction in the

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tinal hemorrhage with fatal issue and with no lesion of

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apparently struck on his head but was only slightly

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ment was the only one which was not injurious to the

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Less difficulty in moving his right arm, intimates his desire when

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Umstand zuriickgefiihrt werden, dass die Kompression des

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lienzellen eine solche suchen. Da gelang ihm die Darstellung der

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