Meclizine And Benadryl

tain organs or internal parts, through the increased energy which it.

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tations as hot as can be borne or hot cloths lightly wrung out of Fuller's

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If the physician bears in mind that his object in treating a case is

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Reduce temperature of water two degrees each bath, till 65° is reached. Naph-

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lack of eyesight, the book would never have been written.

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at 95°, gradually reduced to 85°, to avoid too great shock from the

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Treatment. — (1) General Management. — The patient should be iso-

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converted into glucose when taken in food or drink. Cane-

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cur and progress to serious proportions in these cases, compelling re-

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to the human organism they will tend to modify or overthrow certain

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at home, I am convinced that in most instances the results obtained

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practice,' — a pellet for this and a pellet for that. God save

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Immunity. — The occurrence of typhoid fever confers an approximate,

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ventive effect (quinin, salicin, etc.) are devoid of value. The strongest

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The clinical thermometer is another instrument not appre-

meclizine and benadryl

and a more profound prostration than is usual. In the majority of in-

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Apart from the varieties referred to above, two other forms — namely,

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elimination; all stimulants, tobacco, tea, coffee and spices, i)icklcs,

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the various external applications of ivater and the typical changes in the

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During convalescence the patient should not be allowed to get out of

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mine which of these was the primary condition ; and the same difiiculty

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etc.) may develop, and Cheyne-Stokes respiration is almost invariably

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cal attendant to resort to gastric lavage. He had observed only one

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their combustion. So long as grape-sugar is in the blood in

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