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von grosser Bedeutung wie z. B. die Syniptome allgemein-nerveuser
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3. Potter, E. F.: The Submucous {or ]Vindow) Resection
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the changes were primarily epithelial in character.
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a purely human point of view and to persuade him not to delay,
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the inner surface of the fundus was a slightly elevated
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leave of abseme for one day, July 4, 1906, under paragraph 191
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in origin, tearing up the whole left cerebral hemisphere.
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one leg is due to the fact that in childhood the leg
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tion, and, Ix-st of all, Sir Victor Ilorsloy's on the Technique
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the cases of lupus 0.72 bacilli were similarl}- in-
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the sympathetic and to the sensory disturbances. Is it on the
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dred dollars; passed assistant surgeons, two thousand dollars,
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that the cells give off myeline forms, hut eonsiders these
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Untersuchung verdickter Partien des Pericardium parietale sieht
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which I have spoken, and that this condition of things is mostly
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althouf^h the caloric need at (his lime may not be com-
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organism entering the body by means of the gastro-intes-
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meses. Traitement par I'iodure de potassium. Guerison. Gazette
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und Wrede: Zeitschr. f. d. gesamt. Neurologie, Bd. 36, S. 494.
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I'asl liistorg. — Has had the u.sual " children's di.s-
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offers affiliation to approved Scliools of Nursing,
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Charles Vo.se Bemis, M.D., M.M.S.S., died in Medford,
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method of attack upon this aljstruse subject by detailing
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school. If the training school should be the center
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answer to Dr. Bridge that he ha<l no statistics on the
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actual penetration of Ijacteria into the body or to
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Gassaway, J. M., surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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In Kings County (N. Y.) Hospital, there were remaining July 31,

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