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involving histological examination of tissue, — ■

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had employed for the ])ast twenty-two years, and to no

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be performed without great risk to the patient. (.5) In

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Philadelphia, reported this case in which there was

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mary care medicine. My own journey along that clinical

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by the alcohol is far less than the nutritive value

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space, just outside the nipple line. Percussion showed,

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Edsall, Philadelphia ; secretary, Dr. Samuel S. .\dams,

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referring to manual dilatation, said he wished to be

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point, beyond which further decomposition is .serious.

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twenty-six, who presented himself with a large, super-

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This technique I have followed in five cases, and in

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II, in which case the dose given was not sufficient

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influences from without and by changes of his milieu.

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and in 6% of i'le 760 cases collected by Grober. The

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konstant an beiden Seiten erzielt werden. Die grobe Kraft zeigt

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Leipzig, 1887, 3. Aufl., Bd II, S. 518, 537—589. Bird, Fr.. Sy-

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doppelseitige Bronchopneumonien nach Maseru, seitdem Symptome von

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(JranlcMl leave of absence for two ilays from June 28, 1906,

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he maintains, is justified b.y the results. He reports ,S

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searching examination was out of the question, and partly, if

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liferation present in the tonsils, it is chiefly in

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cirrhose a petites nodosites; nulle part ne se trouvaient des retrac-

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then had a second attack lasting two weeks. Follow-

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ance of the co-ordmation of the respiratory movements.

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arches into the structure of the spinal chord. Philosoph. Transact,

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Hertwigs Bd. II. Jena 1910. Golgi, Contribuzione alia fiua ana-

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gab es in der Lage des Tumors nicbt. Derselbe stand eher mit den

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2. Rickets reports his further progress in the study of

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Geschwiirsbildungen konnen auch infolge syphilitischer Gefiiss-

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