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lesions. It had further be(m shown by reliable statis-

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exstirpation, erhalt man am besten durch Priifung der veroffent-

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number of cases which ought not to be operated upon,

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the bath was shorter than the previous one, but the

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condition both at the time of operation and for six

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make them more complete or more specific, and to revise the index.

cataflam diclofenaco

Klinik entlassen worden. » Im Jahre 1921 findet man bei Redlich^

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Ainsi, les effets du luminal sur le grand mal sont, d'une maniere

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could not possibly be nerve fibers or elastic tissue.

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tion revealed motile amoeba: dyxcnkria:. Stools frequent

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have occurred. Most surgeons do not favor excision of the

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2. * Davis, N. D. The .Effects of Pericarditis on the

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|)oslulatcs. The .Vnglo-Saxons were ever a race of seien-

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Pat. soil in friiheren Jahren gesund gewesen sein, hat keine akute

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will get a negative phase from an injection, but no positive

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of the greatest pains to human nature. " It is, a.s

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Der Pat. liess dann nichts von sich horen bis zum V? 1922: Er

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His, com|)ared with similar .sections from a normal

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superior ziim Levator veli transmittiert werden. Dann giebt

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how characteristic of obstruction below the pylorus the symptoms, —

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as the probable exciting cause in the present case.

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of the distal end, with implantation of the proximal

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in typhoid) as comalescence is estabUshed. Alter the

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horizontalen Linie gebildet, die um den Rumpf herum verlauft. Die

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she suffers from se\-ere occipital headaches which have

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regelmiissigen Fiillungen nicht sistiert werden konnte — . auf eigenen

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with a small lateral incision he has had poor results. He

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first, the undefinahle cause of the pain in the limbs,

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race it alone compels general acceptance." To illustrate

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