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lumbar incision. Affected parts of the bodies of the
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So far as was possible, every i)art of the intestine
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basophiles show more or less marked necrotic changes.
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imd Physiologe; es ist bier nicht der Ort auf alle die Entdeckungen
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conditions and chronic intestinal disease prepare the way
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Fiirroiinded by the elements necessary for a work on Military Surgery
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hospitals to bring our facilities for clinical teaching
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(l Fall). Jacob und Boit, Ein geheilter Fall von extramedul-
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ui'e at the seat of the disease, with the consequent
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sugars, glucose, le\ailose, lactose and,
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visits to her brother were made whUe she was suffering
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poikilocytosis, polychromatophiiia, and granular stip-
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the law of periodicit_v of the ner\-ous system fixes a ten-
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Dii. R. C. CoKFKV, of Portland, Ore, said that these
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particularly those of the arm. with especial atten-
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All communications for the Editor, and all book^ for review, should
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to loosen the fixation again and bring back the normal state.
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question. "Spectator," 731; O temporal O mores! O verita!
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meetings of the .Association came to an end on Friday,
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ble Lesion in the Throat or Larynx. — In September, 18G5, Dr. Henry
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Injection of Animals with Fluids from Cholera Patients ; Death with
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practitioner toward the speciaHst in most instances
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the changes were primarily epithelial in character.
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Ion, A supra unni caz de sifilis gastric secundar. Spitalul. Revista
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had been opened at the first and the tumor excised then, the
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which was relieved, as was the first attack, after last-
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same order as vacancies occur. Upon appointment the youug
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and of Hospital Apparatus to the Healing of Wounds.
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gr;iss region of Virginia. There are two large colonial
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cannot recall any failure to find it, or any diffi-
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271) cases presenting coronary sclerosis in such degree as to
cataflam tablet price

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