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return, annual catarrhs continue, and sinus disease
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nitrdischen (iesellschaft fiir Geschichte der Medizin. der Zahnheilkunde und
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plex — the classical hysteric — may form such an
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diabetes, chemistr.v of respiration, temperature effects, Osmatic pressure, cholesterol, creatinine, et«.
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found in auto-intoxication of brain and heart. It is
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apropos of In-ight eiif;iiieers in your is.sue, of Aug. 9. The
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Wallgren. Om ryggmiirgstumorer. Hygiea, 1921, S. 385 (1 Fall).
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Wenn der Duradefect zu gross wird, um direkt suturiert werden
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A Journal of Medicine, Surgery and Allied Sciences, published at
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nicotine (IJ nig.) to rabbits, and i)l)scrvcd (he cITcct on
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7. A case which began with arthritic pains in the legs,
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zu verdanken ist, der aber in bezug auf histologische Details
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intracranial operation, with its attendant mortahty
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men ohne Nebengerausche, dariiber vesikuliires Atmen. Acht Monate
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stronger. Still later, the voice became normal, though
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tion is, .after all, a safety valve for society. Soci-
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Bildung des eigentlichen Achsenzvlinders kommt dadurch ziistande
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tinctly different from those elsewhere in the heart, con-
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GAS.SAWAY, J. M.. surgeon. Granted leave of absence for
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tasien; in beiden Pleurahohlen unbedeutende ^engen Exsudat. nir-
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Es handelte sieh um einen langen und mageren, etwas blassen
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les sels de bromure et le luminal mais aussi le luminal en com-
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purple color. The pedicle was twisted three full turns,
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as a rule, stay in the active army for a long time,
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zylinder und Ganglienzellen. A. f. Anat. u. Phys. Anat. Abt. 1878,
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der Fortsetzung giinstig, was bier wie in anderen Fallen gegebener-
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clear one, and not requirinj:!; any surgical inter-
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due to obsti-u(^tive elevation of pressure in the right
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a useless operation, only to find, in this misjudged woman, a can-
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D. ScLond. New York : William Wood & Co.' 1906.
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que. Cette dissemblance ajoutee aux autres differences que nous
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sich zweckmiissig betrachtet werden muss, scheint er doch, wie
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within one month ; 10 cases operated too recently to
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Three Ureters Demonstrated during Life; Ureter Catheteri-
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sacral bedsore had resisted all treatment for two years on
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told to hot applications on the abdomen. Bromide
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S. The most frequent of disturbed sleep in child-
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two cases. In the first case »clarification» took place Avithin 12

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