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city ollicials. The so-called " marginal condu't " which

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that I have learned to greatly value, that of work — preferably

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This was filled with thick opacpic yellowish fluid which

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common privies, gutters and sewers, which serve as foci from which

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VIII. 15 jahr. Knabe. Nach Influenza-pneimionie im Okt. 1918

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that the cecum could be placed in the pelvis or on the

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but to the serious diseases for which operation was

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Hovelacque, Les nerf cranieus, Paris 1923. Kiesselbach, Zwei Falle

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treatment resembling that employed by dermatologists

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education as part of undergraduate medical curricula.

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part which became broken off in the hurried opening,

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Ist der Tumor gefunden und in der Wunde erreichbar, muss er

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subsequently destroyed by the addition of a ferment,

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the activity will be less easily isolated, and if not accessible from

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so gut vne vollstandig unbeweglich. Im Bette nahm er am liebsten

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Phylogenetic studies show clearly how impossible is such a fusion.

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are seen to be the outer surfaces of small, firm, yellowish

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»Certain it is that delay in operation is no longer justifiable when

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symptoms often ensue without a shock in the proper sense of

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number 5480, and it is richer, numerically at least, than the medico-

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not enlarged, and there was no evidence of retention

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the cost of the lymphocytes and a .slight increase or no

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material at liis conunand and in time he had come to

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5. Cotton, A. C. : Sodium Citrate in Infant Feeding.

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ing, however, apparently to medicine administered. The dejections

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occurred as the result of operation render the total results

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2. In 1875, I'fliiger kejjt a frog at a few degrees

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subsequently, difficulty in the attempted ingestion of

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the increase in the expenses of the regular practi-

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article and the point of view it suggests to all who

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to the marine teleostean fishes ; that if allowance be made

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tell, kulissenartig nach rechts. Stimme rein, doch etwas kraftlos,

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