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pag. 579. Cajal, Sur les fibres nerveuses de la couche granuleuse

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the idea of bringing about calcareous degeneration of

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mit of deliverj', abdominal incision was called for. In

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19 mars 1921. Kling, Davide et Liljenquist, Compt. rend. Soc.

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a lead line usually disappears pretty iiuickly under

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in the middle line, considerable tlistress in breathing,

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serious character which jiroduced extensi\'e cicatricial

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Sommers Klin, fiir psych, und nerv. Krankh., VIII, 1913. Divry,

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landmark of the elbow. Cotton, F. J., 37^'; a case of arthroplasty

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or fads. For example, open air treatment, nni/where,

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three ribs. Of course there is some shock anil some

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the Normal Institute atCarversville, and in 1871 was graduated

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of suppuration, entirely outside the joint, however.

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extreme rapidity and i)oor action of the heart in the

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Leschke: Deutsche med. Wochenschr., 1921, S. 376. Loewenthal

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Massachusetts who have received a brevet promotion from the United

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Bulkley, L. Duncan, on the relation of diseases of the skin to

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amelioration de ce genre se produise dans les cas plus avances

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dietetics, hydrotherapy, elimination and exercise, faradism

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of the different mineral waters on the stomach and the

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