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injury, excesses, influence of external conditions,

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what we may expect, and that in a manner which leaves us no reason

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|iiece by piece with the biting forceps. When there is a

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the amputation scar. At this time I saw the patient

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Pat. erkrankte im Jahre 1913 mit schweren Magensj'mptomen,

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no faster than men travel," will keeping all men at home put an end

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bedingten Symptomen: Romberg und gestortem Gang). Diese

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dem Zapfen ist dieser Tympanismus weniger auffallig. Sehr starke

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ber machte flir jeden Tag die Annahme einer speziellen Kom-

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presence or absence of tuberculosis in the family his-

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Hymens und dessen Atresien darzulegen versucht, aber die ana-

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of imitation. In a number of sections this afforded

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were well nuide out, and no signs of any foreign Ijody Averc discover-

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willkiirlich innervieren. Das Fehlen einschlagiger Angaben in der

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things over and over again, in close connection with

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beteiligen, das er als einen wesentlichen Bestandteil der grauen

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have " .sanious [jus." I congratulate the doctor on

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grading system, so far as the school life itself is

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With these phenomena, it was evident that pericardial eflusion exist-

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Ass.. Bd 75. 1920, S 126 (8 Fiille). Climenko, The dia-

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markstumoren. Arch. f. klin. Chir., 1911, Bd 96, S. 963. Elsberg

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Gesclimack ist aber linkerseits unversehrt, und auch dies spricht

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absence for thirty days from Dec. 1. 1906. Nov. 10, 1906.

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case reported b\ Prof. II. .\. Kovstcr (Mrdirol Record,

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operated on early rather than late. Finall\^, operation is

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