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If those who are interesting themselves in the question

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Hippocratic aphoristic style being possibly an imitation of the Egyptian

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Scotland, and he tliought that a certain proportion of the

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on application to the Secretary, Mr. F. Addiscott,33, Chancery.

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DiCKBON, Robert Harper, L.R.C.P., E.R.CS.I., reappointed Medical Officer

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A correspondent writes ; Invaliding for one year counts as tour of

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ceived in each case, and not, as was the case in Staffordshire,

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Brigade Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Supple entered the service as Assist-

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King's College a wirm discussion took place. Dr. Angus Fraser contend-

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entirely honorary. The membership is confined to medical

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is one of the numerous attempts which have been made to

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ment, is trausierred to Bombay Uistrict, and attached to the office of the

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Dr. TuENEY read a paper on a case of chylous pleurisy and

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removed on November 4th, 1892. It was found to measure, when removed,

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Hospital for Diseases of the Skin. Blackfriars, 4 p.m.— Mr.

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movable kidney, went on to state that the cases with which his

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peripheral neuritis, is, however, a matter of some importance,

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tain E. L. C. Smith, Bombay Establishment, for six months on medical

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G. Mackay, Edinburgh ; Mr. H. W. Morris, Laurencekirk; Mr. J. Mor-

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lioma and cancer of the breast, I have not in my own mind the least

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neiras, Aguiar, and other Brazilian physicians. An appeal

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record. Amongst the boys seen daily at the Sick House were

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Rees, Brecon ; Mr. F. J. Eoberts- Dudley, Stalybridge ; Dr. J. J. Euther;

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cannot be effectively ventilated. Tt is also possible for them to be in-

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that Dr. Keid's original figures more accurately represent the

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nated, and there is an epidemic, the larger number of those

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Europeans from leprosy depends more on superior social and

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bers of the Congress, ladies or gentlemen, will have free access to all

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was bulbous, was distended with mueo-pus, and exhibited extensive

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Rectum. — Dr. Firth : The Diagnosis of Diphtheria. — The

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now relinquishes office while in full vigour for work. It can

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The plan followed in the work is to give first a concise sum-

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practitioner of the art of medicine met in his daily work were

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wife of a professional gentlemau of good standing and in comfortable

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population of 156. 000, the medical officer of health receives

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non was observed almost exclusively in women of a hi jhly-

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.Iournal of April 15th, is that of Dr. John Hitchman who

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