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.\11 candidates for admission must furnish evidence that
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fiel immer mehr und war zum Schlusse kachektisch. Er starb
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1. *Ehb, \'. Statistics as to Gonoirhea in the Male,
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He distinguished three forms: first, the very acute
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tion IkhI been paid in the past to the medical service
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count was iiroljably due to the fact that the former was
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People ha\'e not been u.sed to coming to Paris for pvn-e
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which was based upon twenty years' observation among
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ments appear to open up new possibilities in the treatment
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prostatectomy existed. These contra-indications were
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diseases which gallstones simulate lies in a correct
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4. Opstetrics and Gytcecology. Barbour, .\. H. F. :
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causing the slightest polyuria, while a lesion of the hypothalamus,
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of a week or two. In another case of fracture of the
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Argument. By F. A. Pond. M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P. Lou-
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show well advanced changes of arteriosclerosis with
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liegen entweder nabe der Mittellinie oder ofter posterolateral
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longitudinal line and a few accessory stitches put in
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hospital on ,Ian, 29 against advice, as she had fn-en
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.shoulders looking like flea bites, the conjunctivae
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and of the lix'cr. The guinea pigs inoculated from the
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ordered to duty at the Hospital, .San .luan. P. R., as the
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be of ^â– alue in these cases; in less severe cases a milder
clomifeno (clomid indux ou serophene)
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Physiology, 18S8-9:j, St. Louis' Medical College; Assistant Pro-
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she knows and recognizes her surroundings, although
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erung von Zusammenhangen zwischen den Ganglienzellen und
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to counteract the toxemias of pregnancy. He speaks of
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in New York zusammen 24 Laminektomien (grosstenteils von

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