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f. Ophthalm. Bd. XX, 2, p. 258. Gudden, Ueber die Kreuzung der

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deplores the failure of the profession in general to recog-

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weilen nach langen Pausen aufgetreten; die haemophilen Gelenkkrank-

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Christiansen, Et Tilfaelde af en opereret intraspinal Tumor. Dansk

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Dk. a. Cooi.iDOE, .1r., of Boston, spoke of the be-

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or all of them. He was sure that at the next meeting

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a boy, received a blow on the head from a cricket ball.

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j'aie pu constater aucun effet secondaire pernicieiix. Le seul

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To confirm tliese views, they investigated the vital statis-

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ten, die ihn in seiner allgemeinen Praxis aufgesucht hatten,

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Adrenalin zu priifen. Bekanntlicii erregt eine siibcutane Ein-

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5. Japan has twice as many school doctors as all the

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Textur und die Funktionen der Medulla oblongata. Erlangen 1843.

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old, the other 70, and thus far l)Oth are exempt from the malforma-

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taken of the hand which showed that the proximal end

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gegangene Konzentrierung) eine sehr schone Gallenfarbstoff-

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ungsstelle zwischen dieser Vagina und der trichterformigen Vulva

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thirdly, the establishment of a system of efficient

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the frontal and ethmoid, the sphenoid was in\-oh'ed ;

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May 20 the following condition was jiresent: The left

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city ollicials. The so-called " marginal condu't " which

baclofen 5 mg tablet in which the nervous state or the nutritional

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absolutes Sclilingunvermogen bestand, war ja der Herd einseitig,

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die linke Gesiehtshalfte starker innerviert. Romberg negativ. Sen-

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lar tissue, with over the gland follicles a thin mucous

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in 1845; these fibers do not hypertrophy along with the

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Xantes, 1SS7.) A woman, aged thirty-two. .\ fibroma

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lienzellen eine solche suchen. Da gelang ihm die Darstellung der

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