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niachen kann, zweitens die in den ersten drei Fallen deutliche

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and Italian), hospital reports, monographs of all sorts,

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Howard's statement that medical schools want to get

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sort of cushion or shoulder for the ])ortion above to rest upon. The

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temperatures as an etiological factor in properly modified milk of a good grade. At

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found that hiuuan milk constitutes the best culture

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[jroduces in .some manner a superficial retraction,

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filling of the viscus frequently, will stimulate the

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asymmetry, or arise from e.xaggcraiions by the accident s

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Boston about two years since. Drs. Hallibiirton and Hut-

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believed that we ditl not counterirritate over the heart

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of his body and limbs, but could not remember after-

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Die Kranke ist am 23. Nov. 1922 in die medizinische Klinik wie-

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dans les autres, par I'administration simultanee de cafeine.

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Fiir die Analogisierung liegen aber aiicli Schwierigkeiten vor:

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Navy Recruiting Station, Cincinnati, Ohio, and ordered to

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culosis, Dunham, Henry B., 61; a further method of combating

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Four weeks after the operation, a vermifuge brought

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By mere chance I found this boy, now a convalescent

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naturally one thought of suppurative conditions some-

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mach. Arch, of Dermat. and Syph., Chicago, 1920, N. S., I, p.

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Murphy's suggestion that I desire to record this case.

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tacked Ijy tuberculosis it shrinks, even before fibroid

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a modification of the Leube method in the direction of

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on accomit of senile tremor, blindness, or some similar

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and their connecting band were natural. The color, conformation and

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