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inflammation and that following a strangulation of the

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anatomischen Elemente des Nervensystems und ihre physiologische

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gave a puie gi'owth of the .Staphylococcas pyogenes

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' IVnI-tflic.H Arcliiv fih' klin. Mod.. Kvxiii. iv .'^n.'i.

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A one-sixteenth of a grain of the ext ract of jihysostigma,

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have made them the subject of some investigation in

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proficiency in diagnosis. The addition of the x-ray

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nously from time to time. Under its use the heart action

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isolated from the fluid so obtained in pure culture

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eine eben so grosse Geschwulst an demselben Platz entfernt (mikrosk. Diagnose

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cal. A true fibrosis is rare, it is usually a swelling of the

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hoher oben auffallend dick an und pulsiert hart, die linke kann nur

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Training Schools. Advantages of separate organizations for training

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1904, so it need only be briefly mentioned here. The

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included such cases in which practical results of special interest

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der Methylenblaufixation. Anat. Anz. Bd. 12, 1896, p. 438. Bethe, A.,

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the disease had [irogressed beyond a certain stage,

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ment, and kept under military regulation, by which it may be rendered

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history of the BosttJn Citv Hospital. 583; the Italian imniiKrant,

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Rezidive verursache. Unter 200 Pneumothoraxfallen der Heil-

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deep and an inch in diameter, cone shaped with the Ijase

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of treatment for the control of syphilis; that this

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Bernstein recovered a tetra-coccus from the blood stream

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cm. below the original puncture; lateral ventricle punctured on both

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disease has manifested itself only by an apparently trilling diarrhoja.

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years, respectively. He is of the opinion that true

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pulse; dry cupping, atropin and diffusible stimulants,

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