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Journal, January, 1943) on 11 cases from the urologic
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“Problems in Early Physical Treatment of Poliomye-
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belonged to the club since its inception is only sixty-
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of the important food for infants. This house has long been fa-
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sicians of the State given to the Department of Health
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A traverse fold on the anterior uterine wall is usually distinct
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was the sole privilege of the master of the horse to assist the
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certain benefits besides the ultimate one of victory.
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films on health topics, being shown at a total of 111
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trol Committee recognizes, as indeed does every or-
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ties of the diagnosis, the risk of reutral hernia and the lack of
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15. Hunt, Allen H. : The Role of Vitamin C in Wound
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and outdoor pursuits. Modern laboratory facilities.
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“If the state can call on a man for his life in this
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mother. No longer may the wife be blamed for failure
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fats are mixed with milk, cream, skim milk, or dried
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days we had been unloading troops and supplies, which
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Lackawanna . . . John J. Bendick, Olyphant Clement A. Gaynor, Scranton
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help in the program and are assisting the state nurses
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Redacteur en chef de la Gazette Medicate, jNIembrc de la Society
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this absolutely mandatory war measure serve its pur-
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seemed no reason in the nature of the patient's original com-
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between the constituent state medical associations and
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Churchill, “Give us the tools, and we will finish
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operative obstetrics (manikin). In Gynecology; lec-
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as Jefferson of Shadwell, Monticello, and Poplar For-
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dens, jokes about the effect on himself of the rationing of foodstuffs and gasoline and rubber, and has
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output of urine during the day, and the temperature
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breathe, drink, or eat. We want our vinegar filtered, not that we
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after which (3) apply pressure dressings, which reduce
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the condition. I have been treating cases of cancer of
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Dr. Jonathan E. Rhoads, Philadelphia Dr. Lester Hollander, Pittsburgh
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sicians from other localities, counties, or states,
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entering military service is given careful consideration,
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