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keit, wenigstens nicht nacMem die Krankheit einen oder den
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Grocco and Rauchfuss (a triangular area of dullness found
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drainage and (3) for the excision of diseased areas. Indi-
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as through a narrow aperture. This results in a special narrowness,
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^"^ *^* 20 tubes containing from 5 to 7 C.c. and in boxes of 20 tubes holding
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After the removal of about 10 cubic cm. of fluid, the patient com-
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schweissen und Bluthusten in die Klinik aufgenommen. Physika-
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the dogs as large a quantity of albumin as possible
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it 23 years ago. I have seen similar phenomena unintentionally
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in question, the more it will appear in this active form. In this
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not indurated and the bone; was exposed at the base.
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ccles, the presence of an ab.solutely normal ovary on
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die naher priizisierten personlichen Eindriicke bewerten, die
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it can nearly all be removed at one l)ite without tearing
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a tremor for instance, it is the ways which carry the necessary
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reports eight eases thus treated with good outcome.
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'" Cihon and H. Pfeiffer: Zeitsehr. f. klin. Med., xliv.
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pared to wliat has been endured during the past six or
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Kinnicutt, that one should study the individual patient
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enzyme action and, the essential poison of the bacilli
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Raum am Boden der Wunde erweitert und der Zutritt zur Vorder-
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aber entsckieden selten. Ick wiederkole kurz: am ^^n 22,900
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arsenic; not to speak of the psychic effect of a new method
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when pregnant shows a regular increase of weight, whicli
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which wfere indicative of functional and not organic
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syphilitique. Annal. de dermatol. et de syphiligr. 1896, T. VII,
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complete cure could be accomplished by manipulative
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the suprapubic region; temperature 102° F. ; cjuick,
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no stone. In all of these, decapsulation was performed
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9. A Further Contribution to the Study of Stools of
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Physu'iati to St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota.
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side and a strong beam of light was thrown into the deptlis
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it. He said that to Ravanel and Smith fell the re.spon-
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man gefunden hatte, dass die Lungen rontgenologisch gesund
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Two blocks from White House and near all point s of interest
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ment accorde provisoirement 3,000 couronnes pour le traitement
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genital origin is not proved. (4) .An acquired deforinity of

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