Elocon Cream Use On Face

XXXIV, 1914, n:o 2. Maillard, Traitement de maladie epileptique,
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proposes the theory that pernicious anemia may be due
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of fifteen personal cases, there was found in eleven
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aerogenes capsulatus. He finds this organism regularly
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2i Zeitschr. fiir exp. Path. u. 'rherap., Bd. ii, s. 413. 1906.
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increases peristalsis and diuresis; it therefore enhances
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whole — appendix, scissors and all — taken away
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toms witli those of nephritis and finds much difference.
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(1) to repair wounds and perforations; (2) to improve
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practice, and in suitable cases good results had been
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By a great number of X-ray plates are indicated the types of injury met in the different bones and by the side of
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Hooker, R. H. Seclye, J. 13. Comins, I. R. Calkins,
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in great danger. Veit advises the induction of abortion
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the surface, I rubbed it over very thoroughly with solid nitrate of
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Well, the Mecca for the female enteritis case is now
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good deal of bile came out along the sinus and the dis-
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pellier. A Paris, 1750, VIII, p. 306. — Cit. v. Stolper, p. 4.
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alo|)ccia was oliserved almost exclusively in syphilitics,
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ing motion, favoring the action of the circulation so as
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sense, but the greatest care should be taken to discover clearly
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to be filled with adherent clots, and the edges lined
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•1. Ew.\LD, P. Pulmonari/ Tuberculosis anil Ptriplicral
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in den Beinen gehabt. — Am ■''/4. Der Patient kann heute beide
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rein symptomatischen Gesichtspunkte aus betrachten, als eine
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About a week ago he had to take to his bed, and whenever he
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Am '^"/i2 wurde vermerkt: Tcmi)oratur gut. Seit einigcn Tagen
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in which the gut was constricted and close to the uterus
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obtained to the auscultation of the human heart. He
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year and a half which has intervened. He is now able to
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of the inner line outward is earliest seen, both anteriorly
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funde bei Wilsonscher Krankheit. Zeitschr. f. die gesamte Neuro-

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