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allem in den kleinen Muskeln der 1. Hand; die Finger stehen hier
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and closes with deep sutures. His results have been
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acute angle. Hernia or fungus cerebri is mentioned in connection with
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local diagnosis of the case. On strength of this diagnosis the
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sans constater de differences dans leur effet. En ce qui concerne
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at a comparatively early period. Later in the war, however, it was
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Incidentally, the pathogenesis of the lesions had been
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sinuses, recently thrombosed, and a tissue \vith decidual
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had been first rate; directh' after the birth of the child,
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Pulsfrequenz llO; von 9. Tage an war die Temp, unter 37.0. Die
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vanced destruction in the lungs are benefited by it.
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histological aspects from the ordinary case of decidua,
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in latent po.ssession of a knowledge of the circula-
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J. A. M. A-, Vol. 74, 1919. — Id., Compt. rend. Soc. Biol., 1921.
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korper pr kbmm.; keine weissen Blutzellen. Keine Tuberkel-
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at Milton Lower Mill's, etc. For the Fortv-second Year, Feb.
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is apt, however, to be more uniform in peritonitis:
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the pulse was 104 and 64 respectively. On ophthalmosopic examination
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and yet he can he rususcitated after several hours'
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mutige Auffassung Brauer 's im Jahre 1910 ist also jetzt wenigstens
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Ramond, F., Les dyspepsies; Revue Clinique et Therapeutique des
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beset with so many difficulties. During the past eigh-
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(1914). Camus et Roussy, Soc. de hiol. 75, 76. 83, 85, 86 (1913
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the jiylorus, the duo(l(>num, the ])ancreas, the
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Dr. Walter E. Tobie, Portland ; Treasurer, Dr. Arthur
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alone, without any kind of special action on the part of the com-
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means, a good result can be obtained with perseverance, even in
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jaundice. Palpable gall bladder, enlarged liver or local

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