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ticable and less tracked. There is round the complex, we may say,

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after a tiring march, with the plantar bending of the foot against

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in all these cases the sigmoid and rectum should be

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tions they have involved, the individual cases, their progress and re-

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whereat the average diner gains three pounds. And there

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time for two years past. Within a few days frecjueney,

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nach der Operation entwickelt hatten. Offenbar hatte dieser

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remaining 3 a tumerous growth, increasing the size of the hypo-

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by the grt^at body of surgeons. Until this stage in the

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also ])ractised. Five or six weeks after, the pig was

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of hygiene, of bacteriology, of clinical medicine —

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1 . Westenhoeffer, M. The Present State of Our Knowl-

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following the most satisfactorj' in his experience:

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arterial disease, we have two distinct propositions.

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fact that the geniculatum laterale is in the very sense of the word

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neither seen nor felt. At apex a soft systolic minniur

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phlebitis he always searched for a focus of infection.

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treated. These circumstances may be of such importance that

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ished in man and in animals. Diminution in the organic

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But for such interference, it is probable that this

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Preventive consisted in rest in bed, reailjustment of

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Bewegungen des Oesophagus stehen wahrscheinlich unter der

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kontrollierender Praparate verfiigen, um nicht Irrtiimern zu

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inummizcd with the iiltrate of typhoid e\iltures contains

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Twelve months after operation these art eriovenou.samis-

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tirely satisfactory, that is, all the patients recovered

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or, if gangrenous and the patient is not too feeble, removed.

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plasmafortsatz in den anderen. Im Achsenzylinder treten die

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