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invaUd mother and her exertions in Red Cross- work. Her
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cited to prove how easy it is by means of the most general disturbances of
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extending to the family and friends of Dr. de Gersdorff their most cordial sympathies.
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they may have been slow to appreciate, they are now none the
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ments upon a certain number of patients, tried to dilate the
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any of the three species and antisera prepared against
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media are prepared — one containing basic fuchsin and
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yses. For valid medicolegal interpretation of toxicological results
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treatment are given is calculated to render the busy practitioner
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numerous fine crackhng rales. Tactile fremitus was diminished.
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and the resulting impaired circulation, and not from the fact
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is more rapid and the face more cyanosed, and sweating is more frequent.
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early life, are likely to follow in the footsteps of their parents.
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the blood-pressure is rather low (115/80). In other words, he
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distant places. The large hall and adjoining apartments made an
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to this time has been much disturbed, is becoming peaceful.
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of passing flatus. He remained free from sjonptoms two months
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Reflexes were all equal and active. Lumbar puncture was
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The election of officers resulted as follows : John L. Coffin,
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n. Potato Slants. Select large white potatoes ; peel and scrub
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become familiar with the use of morphine, muscarine, bromides,
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hydrolyze the urea rapidly and release ammonia which is indicated
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pathway is determined by the architecture and functional
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less, (2) causes them to collect in thick clumps or clusters, and (3) finally
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cases of plumbism treated there had the red granular kidney.
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(8) The following method is used to prepare a 1 :60 dilution
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of the contained air with hydrogen or illuminating gas in the
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The examination of the blood shows us that the patient
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Saturday? at 12.45 I took one hundred minims. Noticed what

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