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alwaj's present at the oiLset, was incessant and plentiful.

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certainty in a large porportion of cases. There was

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beating independently of the auricles. Disease of this

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den. Die auch von Bingel gemachte Erfahriing, dass die Menge

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symptoms of intercranial pressure and the absence of bitemporal

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must be adhered to , as Frenkel has definitely pointed

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and delighted; and the whole affair was a downfall of

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il y a beaucoup qui porte a croire a cette opinion de Wilson. La

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the classical form of the disease, though he suffers

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other structures; its effects may be clinically useful or

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were immensely thickened, everted, fissm-ed, looking very much like

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Griinden nunmehr verlassen. Der Tensor bezieht seine motor.

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rigor mortis was wanting from the absence of the limfis

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in this di.sease. Boesser has obtained good results, using

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occupation. First ^een in a markedly ataxic stage, the

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nacbweisbar und nacb einem weiteren Monat waren aucli Blasen-

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surely the conclusion owjic biophoriim ex biophoro ejiisdum

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signs and symptoms of early tuberculosis to ap|H!ar at

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citis a place in the etiology of periodic or cyclic

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at South Kensington in the Summer Term, 1904. By J. B.

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scx'cre constitutional reaction. There was a moderate

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INTENSIFYING SCREE.NS. Patterson. TE, or celluloid-

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times the left is smaller than the right. Both pupils react upon

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these figures, but in addition, a large administra-

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"We are fortunate," Dienstag says, "to have so many dedicated teachers on our

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the chest grows chiefly in a sagittal direction, it

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1 To ten cc. of fiUraie a<ld biirimii eurbonate, evaporate to dr.vness

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La syphilis gastrique. Ref. : Zentralbl. f. Haut- u. Gesehl.-Kr. 1923,

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ing the massive dose method were employed, but oftentimes very much on the nature of the

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shortness of breath on exercise. The secretion of urine

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1. *Philip, R. W. The Public Aiipecisol the Prevent ion

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sichtigung der Entwicklung. Wien. acad. Sitz.-Ber. Bd. LX, Abt. II,

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punkt ebenfalls nach einigen Tagen voriibergehende Durchfalle (3 — 4

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miissig durch Blut ausgespannten Vagina bestand, also aus einer

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