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seeing that tlie London County Council can, under exist-
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At the invitation of Surgeon-Captain Stokes, Senior Medical Officer In-
of Honorary Demonstrator has just been created at the General
interests were wide and varied, and he took an active part in
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impression. Three Commissioners (Drs. BeaVen Rake, Buck-
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logical .-^.pparatus, etc. (Honorary Secretary, Dr. John Clay,
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The Daily News publishes the following statement : A work-
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administrative efficiency. They did not suppose he would
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tions, may mislead— a fact illustrated by the irregular
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to get rid of these impacted spines of the hop plant. This co-
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Organs.— Dr. H. D. Rolleston : (1) Aortitis (?) Syphilitic ;
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husband ; and 70 per cent, of the couplas where the vriio alone
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factors would be best. But as regards the treatment of scarlet fever. I
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from the transverse mesocolon of a married woman, aged 25.
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He referred to a case in which there were no symptoms of
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course which may best be explained by supposing the growth
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ever advancing medical science, has been accomplished in
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were those of many great schools in the country, we should
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ledge of the history of medicine by supplying the names
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the body of the last lumbar vertebra is dislocated forwards
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be Bii^ade Surgeon Lieutenant-<;olonel, vice W. Nash, April 1st. Dr.
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tory ; they are the servants of the steamship owners who, as
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club is not remunerative; and the sum demanded— Is. 6d.— is, though
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are so advised by the Local Government Board when inquiries
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MUDCE, James, L.R.C.P.Edin., M.R.C.S.Eng., reappointed Medical Officer
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Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. Second Class £J5 : W. J. Woods,
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left with ordinary breathing, and expansion of lower ribs is
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of the eye is concerned, there is not a whit of difference be-
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pointed out tliat tumours of the mediastinum might give rise
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of Buddha the priests place his effigy in a metal basin, then
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Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and
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that, as it would allow of unscrupulous persons fiUing up
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•consists in dilating the pupil thoroughly, and then dividing

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