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William M. Butler, George H. Martin, and R. M. Schley.

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dications for aurum, arsenicum iodide, asafoetida, berberis and mez-

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it is legal to do this. It is legal, but when it is not an expensive committee — I think the

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This patient is taking causticum at present, which has helped his

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his last effort, his "valedictory to the medical profession," as he called it.

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tion, though now industriously and dishonestly urged " — that is a hard term, a very hard

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leges in the United States, they furnish nearly two-thirds of all the can-

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4. When the Council shall determine to go into Committee of the Whole, the Cliainnan

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and Preventive Medicine. The special references to our subject

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who is wearing the shoe the size and shape of her foot.

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attention. Instead of neglecting them as only passing phenom-

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* If the first inoculation is unsuccessful in infants, at least three trials should be made with

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metjhod and during his service at the Massachusetts Homoeo-

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before, and, as has been stated, the number of the members has been increased. If the

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Building at the corner of Bay and Richmond streets, in the City of Toronto, in the CoiAity

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It is reported that Mrs. Whitelaw Reid has recently given the sum

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report brought in by Dr. Williams, the chairman of the special committee selected to

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painstaking effort can do to render a session intensely interesting

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})rofession at large, that is, to give my vote in the direction of the motion. I feel that in

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years before death, development of an umbilical hernia. Death twelve years

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fibrils, on account of increased thickness, or intense staining, stand

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fortv-six authors on the use of tuberculin for tuberculosis of the kidney,

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* Diseases of the Nose and Throat, by Knight and Bryant.

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our eyes, circumferential looping as a method of treatment has

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A decision concerning the legal responsibility has not as yet been rendered.

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zette concerning an earlier book of "Induced Cell-Reproduction and Can-

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mann are not so distantly related as he had thought, he will con-

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'■. The editors of the Gazette learn with much sorrow of the death of Dr.

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3. Cinchona, Ferrum, and Arsenic in the Anemias. Yeager, W. H.

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a vigorous boy of twelve years sufferng from double pneumonia

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tests. A metronome was set in motion, and the subject was

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Board of Health. The physicians in that district are told of the

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The dizziness improved, the itching spells became far more

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