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stances be suitable, twenty, forty, or even fifty beats in the minute

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Dr. Mayne, in employing it in a cancerous tumour of the neck,

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kus, £241 (this was returned as first list, but the war interfered before

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and redder than usual. W^hen the disease becomes established,

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should be — an honor to the profession, and, at the same time, an efficient

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cause fainting. Every physician must have observed, in his

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nerves of these little organs exercise a singular influence on certain points

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French military surgeon and professor, said to have occurred after the seige

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school of medicine, shall have the prevelege of sending two delegates. The

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The patient for three hours after each application of the vapour,

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portion as the materials (elements) of a morbid growth are

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ments; pulse thready, temperature 105.5°, eyes sunken, and

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aspect, putting on a remarkably offensive odor, indicating that

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referred to the ring and little finger ; — continue the irritation

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I see that a clinical course, connected with the University, has been

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rect observations of others, made in the very circumstances about

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of his dread of -sudden death, as well as of the sickness and head-

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