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ca.ses only 33% were cured or greatly improvitd. Of 5

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intravenosen Serumdosis 100-mal kraftiger als die einer ebenso-

dutasteride dosage for hair loss

factors so often alleged, such as exposure to cold,

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authorities as to its therapeutic \alue as an anesthetic,

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uses tampons medicated with argyrol, ichthyol, nitrate to the portio vaginalis and external os

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Kinnicutt, Francis P., i ; the occurrence of occult hemorrliagcs

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proportion as they had undergone the myeloid transforma-

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have arisen, since his choice to steer clear of the translation

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so die Haut, das ISTerven- und Gefassysteni u. a. Die Veranderun-

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9. Blake, C. J. Otology in its Relation to Rhinology and

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Clinical Meeting. Massachusetts General Hospital, 675.

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the attenduig physicians as to the advisability of an

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district work, and a few years ago I was frankly told

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where there are changes in breath sounds, without dullness,

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thra, especially if the enlargement completely surrounds

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or Bottini's galvanocautery incisor. In his opinion it

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^,'3 des Normalen. Die Kraft der Hiiftgelenksbewegungen ist jedoch

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Bright's disease, or, in persons ha^•ing a highly sensitive

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decrease of 1 ,044 over the year 1895, not counting

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and some of the dangers associated with the use of the

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perichondritis; (k) intercurrent diseases, or severe

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tricles. Tlie auriculo- ventricular hand of muscle fit)ers

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de ce virus ainsi que sur d'autres ultravirus, quand meme il faut

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patent did not appear to add to the danger of suppura

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that the increased resistance to the living culture

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found in which the milk was iced, even though stopped when ice was obtained for the milk,

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ously, on the thyroid cud of the " bar," was a complete perforation

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dazed and was brought on his car to the center of the

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Tbc.-forsch. i7. h. 1 — 2, p. 103. — Xugel, Zur Kasuistik des kiinstl.

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Thomas 134; Brown, Alphonso Bickford, 490; Brunner, William

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