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untary spasm and dullness in the right lower ((uadranl.

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He does not go so far as the latter, howe\-er, and cannot

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examined; this showed evidence of great destruction of

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Dr. .\lfrbd Hand, .Jr., I'hiladeljjhia, s;iid that the

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state, and afterwards partially expending it in the

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scattered and often very thin tumourous strands with essentially

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roads. To get this rate Identification Certificates

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viz., (1) general, (2) medicinal and (3) local. In all

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and in the mammals is in so many respects identical, in S2)ite of

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right angles with extension. April 13, drainage tubes

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Diseases of the Eye. Jour. Am. Med. -isso., Chicago, 1899, .v-vxiii,

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Insufflationen wird nicht mitgeteilt, der Fall befindet sich bei der

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March 14, 1903, an annotation appeared on the disturbing

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attacks of ]¬Ľneumonia during her life, and also has enlargement, with

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addresses will be delivered by Dr. Frank Parsons Norbury,

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Southgale Leigh, M.D., F.A.C.S. S. B. Whitlock. M.D.

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