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mass of hair after which it rapidly recovered. .Mso

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.sought to imdo the effect of disease, high li\ing and

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an eine akute Myelitis, welche wie bekannt reclit verwickelte

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Prognose sind"die Falle 2 und 3 sehr giinstig gestellt gewesen.

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vortretend. Fiir die Ab- und Adduktion gar nicht. Sie kann sich im

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nism." His v.-as no hesitated sneer; blunt sarcasm and

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necessarily, but that it evidently required a great deal

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tractions in spots. It was extremely difficult to ex-

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1922, T. 86, p. 736. Perdrau, Rep. of Publ. Health etc. n:o XI,

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3. liChman and Voorsanger report the results of their

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nahnie zeigten, dass bei diesen nur das spezifische Serum Schutz-

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from the stump after an amputation by means of a rubl^er

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elbow beyond a right angle and to extend almost 60°

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curs it suggests that there is simultaneous disease

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Hospital, Norfolk, Va.. and ordered to duty on the U. S. S.

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excitateur et comme agent coordinateur des contractions oesophagien-

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positiv befunden wurde und der Patient mitteilte, dass er in

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cannot always carry our jioints. I have for a long time

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acterized by the tendency to the dissociation of the

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showed the presence of tubercle baciUi. Bacilli appear-

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which consequently to a large extent is enclosed within the mesen-

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Growths of the Intestines and Melliods of Operating."

norvasc side effects weight loss

nish abundant examples of both these classes of diseases.

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surgeon. There is, as the Mayos have shown, a slight

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