Haldol For Nerve Pain

form of lichen, characterised by the presence of acuminate follicular papules
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In cases where the spasms are slight in degree, inextensive in area,
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to take these into account. Such are — the mental strain of anticipation ;
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cutaneous affection is always secondary to gastric or peritoneal cancer ;
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resemble those forms of erythema which it is generally agreed to refer to
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the tip. Then run the meniscus slowly down to the zero
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stench. The feet also become tender and sodden ; walking is extremely
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the depths of the constricting groove, particularly at the inner angle of
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ine tenc^rness of the nerves is usually accompanied by some aching of
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of this subject in its proper light. It is worthy of notice that two
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apology was insufficient, but it had the merit of truthfulness.
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These are the cerebral features of neurasthenia ; the other divisions of
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it may reappear as chorea, asthma, diabetes, gout, and, probably, in an
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as in the case of the Admiralty Court, is practically a dead letter.
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qualification. It is probable that in the neurotic the nervous system is
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through thfe filter as set up (50 to 75 ml for a 1- by
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the tissues to an irritation. Even some of the opponents of its inflammatory
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that the neurotic child needs special and individual education : as a rule
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Uterine and ovarian disorders, though so frequently met- with in general
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he was attending a patient who was lying ill of the fever, of
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who entered the army as a common soldier after the death
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which these, or may be even the pain arising from them, cause in the
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are certainly effectual, but are apt at times to cause irritation. Vapour
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like the black-Moores ; he lookes to the ground ; is slow in
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delusions. A good example of this is given by the obedience to the com-
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at a distance of 2 feet in front of the face the eyes in following it should
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physiologists, such things must not anger you ; you must
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No intensity of melancholia should deprive us of hope, so long as the
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writings of the insane. Even among the sane, except in those who are
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be advantageous : the results thus obtained are excellent.
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of pure water, the pH value would have been only slightly greater
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experience does not lead me to attach the same importance to alcohol
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may be noticed, though it is open to still greater objections ; it is
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as it might be too fragile, or be easily clogged with

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