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The proper application of a screw implied the .selec-
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excesses in eating, drinking or tobacco, render them
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und V. Jagic. N., Wien. klin. Woch. 1910, n:r 21. — Gerhardt, D.,
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Gynec, Obst., Bd 16, 1913. S. 117 (22 Falle: 4 extradurale, 13
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uterus had been perforated, and a peritonitis had set in.
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ment, 15.5% had temperatures between 99° and 100°;
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or to the giving of testimony before courts and juries,
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much inconvenience, unless when accidentally struck, or brought in
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wagon which struck him on the front of the abdomen.
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contribution to surgical literature. It is an excel-
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and referred to a case in which he was persuaded to
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jigree that the purpose of coiivii'tion should l)('lh('
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of remaining silent this morning. There are, however,
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of the abdominal over the vaginal route. The radical
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V. Uchermann: Larebok i 0re-, Na!se-, Svelg- og Strupesygdomme, III, Syg-
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occi])ut. When told tliat he had syphilis he said that
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— • implies that the ways leading to the complex are less prac-
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The writer deemed it most ad\isable that the sanitary
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thyroid tissue. They lie in the areolar tissue along
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slight nodule in the epitlidymis on the right side. His
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sogar unverdiinnten Liquor (Goebel, Kafka) zu beginnen. Hier-
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tra-indications for prostatectomy. AU patients should be
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with other classes of disease, and that it in no way
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ally seen, cells of a various nature. Red and white blood corpuscles.
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Other similar bodies were seen below the cords, during
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kaudalsten Vagus\Tirzeln (dem sogen. Accessorius vagi der Ana-

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