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ture, in which the f>iiinions of various writers are

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In their further conclusions, lirs. Engman and Mook

human prednisone dose for poison ivy

Vortr. Berlin 1836. Ehrlich, P., Das Sauerstoffbediirfnis des Orga-

prednisone 10 mg tablet side effects

wir uns das Vorkommen soldier Falle am ehesten erklaren, wo

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nation. Renal calculus. Stone shown by x-ray picture. Renal

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diasease. Among the prisoners and the seriously wounded there

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RoiiMAN. . I. ('., acting assistant surgeon. Granted leave of

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venins for which they were prepared. An antivenin for

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ovariotomies, often mitral stenosis in women, etc., and

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left patella a right femoral phlebitis developed, and a

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brain, which was confirmed at the a few days

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general ordering of his life, I confess to having sustained

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des Gothenburger ej)idemischen Krankenhauses besonders auf die

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it had not been thought wise to consider the anatomi-

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deaths were further classified as sudden or due to heart attack,

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thing to bring the laity into closer relations with

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which the indigestion of muscle fiber was apparently

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determining the patient's opsonic index, which is done liy

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that the disease consists simply in an affection of

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A Practical, Co-operative, Illustrated Interpretation and Translation of the

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to emphysema, and sometimes unilateral or bilateral

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plastic will probably give better results than bone

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Students' Aids .Scries. Aids to Gynacology. By Alfred S.

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Nine primary and fourteen seccmdary amputations at the hip-joint

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entirely identical. The nurses in my department stay

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the least sign of infection, treatment as an open wounti

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sons suffering from these effects, in a letter which appeared

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spiration there was a slight retraction of the upper

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