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that they must be examined by a Board of medical officers of

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seminar with the help of the AMA which will help physicians

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tap with trocar if you are doubtful use the hypodermic needle first.

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that the base of the tongue was so enlarged as nearly to fill

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anyway it was so easy to put my finger in the open mouth

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presence of a sausage shaped tumor in the abdomen will distinguish

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was finally remedied to the extent of enabling him to wear a

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The identification of the amygdaloid complex of higher forms

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developing with fusion and loss of nuclei until a single large vacuolate

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ances have been found where the infant did not survive delivery and

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malaria may be said to exist in a quasi endemic form. The

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the eyelid. Dr. Coates however discovered blastomycetes in

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not once seen it used in the Confederate service and

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