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it is limited to the spinous processes. The temperature is irregular and

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the mitral valve, which is definitely presystolic in time. It is loud

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Meantime the bowels should be op)ened freely. If the patient in coma

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other hand, j^roceed from the outside inward, and hence are called

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teric and retro-peritoneal glands are frequently enlarged, and some-

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infectious disease on anything like a large scale, such as

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Board being students who, having passed the previous

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ments introduced into the Home Rule Bill, protecting the

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cavity in the case of a girl illtreated by her mistress, when

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on their rights, an! ke'p nut of the witness box till satistied. the diffi-

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in all abdominal growths is to find what part of it has no free border.

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other food, are often quite efficacious. Prunes are a favorite article with

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element in epilepsy is its suggestion that the first process in an attack

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as it were, in its characteristic onset. We have spoken of this in dis-

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melasma siqjra-renale from another morbid condition known as melano-

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exemption of the stomach from self-digestion remains imanswered.

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The services of surgeon-Major W. Coates, M D , Bengal Establishment,

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By EDWARD DEANESLY, M.D., B.Sc.Lond., F.R.C.S.Eng.,

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portion whatever was taken from Mr. Lennox Browne's paper,

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talk freely, but is constantly taking sighing inspirations, and general

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ances in the circulation of the abdominal viscera, especially after heat-

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disappear, and the inner lining of the cavity may be quite smooth.

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Surgeon Captain T- W. Stewart, Madras Establishment, on returc

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slight and the pulse no longer dicrotic. At this time it is well to watch

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The symptoms of lead-poisoning may be either acute or chronic.

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contained uric acid crystals. He had obtained the records of

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because, on pressing the stethoscope deeply down, an actual bruit may

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Mr. J. S. Turner, Norwood ; Dr. Tyson, Folkestone ; Dr.

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the Society for having elected him an honorary member.

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tory in the pit, as the window in it was nailed up, and the

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the ste'-idy advance in the number of ineml^ers and on its

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narily dry and harsh, unless the patient is phthisical. One of the most

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