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AIoNDA'S', January 2d. — German Medical Society of the City

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Or call at our New York Office, Metropolitan Life Building, 1 Mad-

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four hours. The case, therefore, is not convincing,

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of his master in distinguishing this transcendental

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genolysis to such an extent that sugar appears in the urine.

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well for a few weeks, went home and came back again. I finally came

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tude of virtuous women toward their erring sisters,

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loss of sexual power or an extreme eroticism. The difficulties in

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Jeffreys, IV. Hamilton, and Maxwell, James L.— The

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November loth : No gagging or retching ; moderately

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reasons, chief of which has been the idea prevailing

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tury the "expectation of life" for males at birth had

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sona' examination and inquiry. Better a little repe-

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acter of some of the cells. The cells varied extremely in

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put to bed in Fowler position with a proctoclysis. Eserine

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Edition. Enlarged and Thoroughly Revised. Illustrated

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that they should be used in the following classes of

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the profoundest student of the morpholo,c:y of arrested development.

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at St. Louis in 1910. Loeb speaks of the aetiology,

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and all those that I have ever found necessary in a

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The wound was partly closed by Michael's clamps, leaving

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to locate the pain, if any, and with the exception of the

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those with small families, who fill the physicians'

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relate a case recently reported by the author to the

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A Hmitlily Journal of Motflclfio and Suroory, Dovotod to

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with salt solution a short time after its application.

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