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sense of burning on urination accompanied the attack

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bar pimcture is usually due either to meningeal hemor-

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nicht angegeben); die Lunge ist adhdrent ilber den oberen und mitt-

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Porter, J. Y., sanitary inspector. Granted leave of ab-

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1865, making the whole number under treatment 3,443, or 842 more

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cytes; Raynaud's disease a complication. The treat-

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meme milieu, p. ex. le cerveau, des virus de thermo-resistance

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Dinkelspiel, M. R. The use and abuse of injections in acute gonor-

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loops of sooty intestines in lieu of garlands, on the part of

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important read at this conference. Profes.sor Adami's

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1910 zusammen 15 Falle mit Riickenmarkstumor operiert; 3

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later observations of hydrocephalus combined with adiposogenital

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Subscription Terms: $5.00 per year, in advance, jwstage paid,

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a girl she had been accustomed to rather violent exer-

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andere Magenbehandlung — all dies scheint uns doch fiir die

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The microscopical examination of the tumor from the

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4. MacCallum, W. O.: Cirrhotic Changes in the Liccr

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for the active intervention of those responsible for

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heal under conservative means, it is, nevertheless,

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tuberculous peritonitis, he said we had the statistics

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even at the Pasteur Institute, before this man's arrival.

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Bulgaricus is indicated, excepting diabetes and glycosuria, for which a special culture is prepared

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vielen anderen einzuteilen und zu unterscheiden. Auf diese

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und koagulierte spontan. Eiweissmenge reichlich, Nonne + + ,

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tlie most lirilliant results so far obtamed with the vaccine

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Lumen in geringem Grade verengen. Auf der Schnittflache

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tastasen in der Mukosa beider Stammbronchi, besonders des linken.

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part, at least, of the distress was due to nervous excite-

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