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the withdrawal of a juror by mutual consent, each side pay-
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of the constitution of the Association were submitted and agreed to.
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perty— he divided the houses Of the "poor into three classes,
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Com7nunications.—Ur. B. R. T. Trevelyan read a paper on
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which may come under observation, nor that in any individual
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lege, Leeds ; T. S. Pigg, St. Bartholomews Hospital; W. H. Pope,
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no ledema or discharge ; there was a drawn, pinched expres-
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suggested, and I fully concur with his opinion, namely, that the function
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undergoing of it from the patient's point of view worth while.
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Secretary was instructed to say that the Committee did not
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(Hhcer, Bundelcund and Nerbudda Districts, for six months on medical
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some better arrangement should be made by the hospital
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ifnrtaWij in /ncfTa.- Mr. Schwann asked the Under-Secretary for India
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had stitched it to the edges of the wound, and packed the
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branches) of Messrs. Gurney's Bank. Cheques or postal orders
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been stimulated in man. Its significance, lying as it does
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its extension. Excellent as the bodies mentioned in Clause 7 <1) are in
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this, despite the fortunate ending, I should operate, as involv-
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danger of an acute plastic iritis, for that I believe to be at all
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began four days before labour ; he would therefore inquire
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cient power to evoke muscular contractions. There are first
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ally creeping up ; during the whole of the drought which pre-
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♦Bedford. R. T., Guy's. George, 1.. King's College.
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I Dundee. The death-rate from diseases of the respiratory organs in
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showed that forty-four new proposals had been received, and
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Gafl'ky, who spoke next, in referring to the experiments of
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plications to the Chairman of Committee by July 1st.
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disease, for hernia of the organ through a penetrating wound,
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tails, is well worth referring to.- It has also been recom-
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iss.i. should come under its operation. Men in impaired health are
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had to be obtained from the registrar, that would prevent
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regular. Respirations were frequent, shallow,and entirely costal.
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some conversation it was decided that the testimonial should
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frequently as the vaccinated. Taking the whole of Sheffield,
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Hopitaux, read notes of a case of small-pox appearing during
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Prolapse of Meckel's diverticulum (omphalo-mesenteric duct), show-
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one of those who prohibit their drinking bland liquids —
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■fay two tumours, the abdominal one ovarian, and that in the
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and tenderness in the region of the appendix, and as, more-
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Moor&elds, 1 p. M. — Mr. R. Marcus Gunn : Cataract.
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