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remedies, all of them addressed to either the digestive

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Nicole Martin '06 is a fourth-year student at Howard Medical School

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slip the edge of tfie handle of the tongue depressor as

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16. P'rom an experience of one himdred uncomplicated

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Literatur 62 Exstirpationen mit 24 Heilungen zusammen. und

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Krankheit verliefen: am haufigsten als eine Lungen- oder Pleura-

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are easily influenced by X-ray. Begrov, in opinion of the patient and a physician who

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of leukemia .still remains in doubt, but the morbid

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: world in education, research, and patient care, but it

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Hemiplegie, kompliziert mit ziemlich starken choratisch-athetoi-

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Falle das Hauptinteresse mit der Pleuraveranderung verbunden,

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While roll the centuries. Still "unclean" thou art.

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pressure acted in direct opposition to the normal intra-

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the use which has been made of it by a class of persons in this com-

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tomy. (.4) In resections of the adnexa^ regard should

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9. The tonsils, according to Robertson, have an inti-

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Sedimentes bilden; die iibrigen zellularen Elemente waren verhalt-

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so ist es natiirlich aus mehreren Griinden wiinschenswert, diese

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were distressing. He said the watery extract had been

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bacilli from the blood was made by Conradi and Kayscr,

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and (4) constipation. Out of 21 cases in which the out-

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motorischer Nerv fiir den Oesophagus und den Oesophagusniund

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fibrin between adherent coils. This fibrin was most

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aperients and hot air baths. Potassium iodide should be

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nized: (1) Immediately upon first retention. (2) As

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to the diagnosis of a ruptured anemysm at the base of the

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nancy the total nitrogen in the urine, and the percentage

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In SOUK! instances, the nasal cavity has a.ssumed a con-

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the employer paying the insurance. This system deserves

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