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lung was the predetermining factor. This intra-pleural
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stream, pain is the first and most important s> mp-
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trifft man daneben einen zweiten und einen dritten, mit weiterer
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Philadelphia Hospital Reports. Vol. VI. 190.5. Philadel-
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admitted as a ' Fellow of the Massachusetts Medical
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turbances to disappear in a few days in the ing: Nursed at breast for two weeks, but was
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fall 2 Monate spater. Keine Sektion. (A. Frfeukel, 7).
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During his stay at the surgical ward the patient's temperature was
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to two and one-half inclies, external to the inner line.
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Phys. Anat. Abt. 1896, p. 222. Held, Zur Kenntnis der peripheren
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The length of time necessary to remain in bed varied
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to the face and scalp greatly imi)roves our ability
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induced by the stimulating effect of water, and there
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from ulcer scars or adhesions about the pylorus. These
A. DiiKK, I)., and Allan, T.: Thoracotomy for Traumulie
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gr. iiss 3-4 i. d. In the presence of asthmatic tendency
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until the patient had complete control of his bladder,
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Conjunction with the Sullolk District Medical .Society, meet-
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often to middle or low grades. In about one half of
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necessary in the latter to pre\ent indirect mouth to moutli
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and Obstetr., 1921, XXXII, N° 5, p. 419. Frfenkel, E., Miinch.
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dagegen in den letzten Jahren Rontgenphotographierung nach
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