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the rigidity, making it difficult for the eye in reading to follow rapidly along
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Attending Surgeons: Drs. Elven J. Berkheiser (Orthopedic), Vernon C. David,
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tions follow. We have often ourselves seen contractions in the affected facial
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hyperemia, as some assume, rather than by functional disorder of the nervous
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are to commemorate the discovery of the Oirculation of the Blood,
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Writing and reading, on the other hand, are acquired useful abilities and
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example, a brachio-facial or a crural monoplegia, and later the paralysis at-
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nation, viz.: (1) Anatomy; (2) Physiology; (3) Pathological Anatomy and
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ralysis of the muscles of the ball of the thumb particularly in file cutters
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The graver symptoms of obesity, and properly the first pathological phe-
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cedematous infantilism remarkable results have been obtained by the admin-
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already become impossible to him; but, of course, there are even now occa-
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larger part of the vasomotor nerves collect, at any rate, in the principal trunks
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typical course, the muscular atrophy coexisting with increased tendon re-
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6. Arithmetic to vulgar and decimal fractions, inclusive. 7. The can-
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Hench, Raymond Nelson, a, w, sp, Stockton, Calif. A.B. (College of the Pacific) '36.
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any student before the college authorities to admonish him. The pro-
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diacetic acid, butyric acid, and the like in the urine, suggests a considerable
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was of no benefit or only of temporary benefit, or that it even materially ag-
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side, we afterwards saw hemianaesthesia of the same side. Many such in-
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pensary, physician, surgeon, or member of the London or Dublin
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in detail in the discussion of the different forms of neuralgia.
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the last ery point. Selected samples will be sutenitted to the laboratory for
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condition, due, perhaps, to the action of the iodin on the thyroid gland, oc-
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sal extension, and we sometimes see a tendency for the foot to assume the
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mination at last arises from some intercurrent disease, or as a result of
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in purulent meningitis the number of leucocytes in the blood is increased.
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slight incontinence) can, however, be frequently demonstrated on more care-
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appears to me, however, to be usually a congenital stationary condition with-
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• Alertness ^clear ayes and susplclmts attitu^ ' .
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hypertonia, but with hypotonia, and shows no increase of the tendon reflexes,
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ansBsthetics. Instruction in clinical surgery is given at the Massachu-
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Anatomy. — Fees — ^Lectures, £3 8s. for first course; for the second,
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Codrington College, Ba/rhadoes, — ^English certificate for students of
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pricks cannot be positively distinguished from a touch with the head of the
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once. The pia mater is thickened and opaque, especially on the posterior sur-
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in pernicious anaemia, scarcely occur. The final outcome is always unfavor-

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