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pathies syphilitiques. Pr. Med., 9 juin 1919. Sparmann, R., Ein
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nur indirekt auf dem Tumor. Derartige Falle scheinen in der
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ivith Enucleation of the Prostate in an Aged Patient:
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5. Du Pan reports 123 cases of cancer of the rectum
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CUMMING, H. S.. passed assistant surgeon. Leave of absence
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often. The patient may be speechless, as ours was, or he may spit
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given during jiregnancy, was one of the many causal
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background to identify diseases that might respond to any
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enviromnent to more favorable conditions in another
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zusammenhangen, dass wir nicht bei alien diesen Beobachtungen,
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to be tested. This mixture is then incubated at 37° C.
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Number of patients limited, assuring the personal attention
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vol. xlviii, p. 5. Arch, fiir Verdauungs., 1895, vol. i, p. 152. Ibitl.,
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that the popular conception of disease as something malig-
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parati\('ly frec|uenl in operations upon the uterus for
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53, absent ui 5. The value of these various signs, based
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Rosenthal, die schon alter war als diejeni^e von Nageotte und Levy-Valensi,
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Gyogyaszat, Budapest, 1893, xxxv. 111; 122. Trans, [.\bstr.]
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therojiy, in the form of the warm bath or the wet pack or
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still sore. Profuse sweats and occasional chilliness
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der teils den 5. Cervical — bis 3. Dorsahvirbeln, teils den 9. Dorsal
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sich nach der Operation rasch und ein Jahr spater konnte er gehen
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following the use of antistreptococcic serum (Hochst)
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ditl well for a while but died on the eleventh day.
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Hoping that the obstruction, whatever its nature, might have so
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"Gossage: Westminster Hospital Reports, Lond., 1895, Voi. ix.
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es sich um chronische Falle handelt, d. h. wo angenommen werden
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Cerebral puncture; above the auditory canal, in the parietal region.
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patient was struck by locomotive and thrown against
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coronary brani^h (anterior coronary) near the necrotic
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