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to inspecting milk, meat and other products and not

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nagel, which he described as a purely fimctional disease,

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he had stuck a new needle an inch long into his left

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face of the lower epiphysis of the tibia, if this is not de-

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4% each of proteid, carbohydrate and fat. From these

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caliber shoukl be allowed to practice medicine. The

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initiale Intermediarschicht findet sich schon zu Beginn der Durch-

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this case by another jihysician, but om- diagnosis of

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•SO painful .■aid vision so indistinct that he could only

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various inllucnza-liUc bacilli found in bronchitis, whooping

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All letters containing business communications, or referring to the

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bladder; then chills and fever, often irregular; perhaps

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town to visit a friend, that .she had to hurry to catch

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following such injuries, perhaps as an attempt at repair,

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8. KuERBiTZ. A Case of A ngio-Nearotic Edema (" Akute

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its surface. He thought it looked like a cyst though

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strong ; let the rice be well burned, and give the coffee freely. Give

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40 of a series of 45 cases, and believes it to have

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have a sudden onset and the symptoms of an acute enter-

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never reaches the stage of extreme calcification fomid in

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spinalis, Monatschr. f. Psych, u. Neurol., Bd 33, 1913, S. 451 (1

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Pharaoh's serpents," I beg leave to give the particulars of a case

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PreaideiU American Proctologic Socicfn and i'ro/citHor of D incases of

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than the position of the fundus, and he in^-ariably

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gall bladder colic is irregular, appears at varying

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at the point where it emerges from the fascia; at the

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1903, S. 153. Wallgrcn: Deutsche Zeitschr. f. Nervenheilk., Bd. 78,

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